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     Self Empowerment Webinar:

    Born To Succeed, Programmed To Fail

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  • Secret #1 - "Success is a Journey, Not a Destination."

  • Secret #2 - "Successful people have made their decision to be successful."

  • Secret #3 - "No one is born exactly like you ever in all the history of mankind on earth."

  • You Will Learn:

    • Identifying - Is your mind Programmed to Fail? 

    • What are the roadblocks in reprogramming your mind?

    • How does your Environment impact your Success?

    • What is Performance & Personal Energy Management?

    • Truth about the real you! – How to discover your Identity?

    • Born to Succeed - How to channelize your life purpose to succeed?

    Meet Your Trainers

     Prof Dr. K. S. Gupta

    Director, KSG Center for Quality Minds, Bangalore.

    Mr. Sanjeev V. Hiremath

    Self-Empowerment-Business Growth Coach & Mentor.

    Who is this Webinar for?

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  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, Start-Up Owners

  • Trainers, Life Coaches, Professors

  • Psychologists, Healers, Counsellors

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