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Certified Courses

How about we go on a beautiful journey of learning Online Business Development and Digital Marketing where we get Certificates and Bonuses for completing tasks?

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Certified Courses

Online | Offline 

Digital Marketing 101

Listen to my latest podcasts  where I interview 7-figure  entrepreneurs who used my coaching and are making 10x what they were making before. Grab the best take-aways and apply it to your own business.

Social Media Marketing Mastery

Thoughtful 30-minute mindset markers that rewire your thinking about business, making money and value-based propositions. This helps your subconscious to "rewire" itself to a better way of thinking.

Google Analytics

One hour audio recordings that do the heavy lifting of reclaiming your mindset and creating a better 7-figure "Frankenstein" monster.

Course Categories

We cover different aspects of Digital Marketing that can help you understand the core concept as well as develop related skills. We have categorized our courses accordingly! 


Discovery | Mindful Notes | Reclaiming


In these recorded sessions, I get to discover more about the group and why you think the way you do. Everyone collaborates and gets the feel of opening up in front of a crowd without judgment or conclusions.


Thoughtful 30-minute mindset notes from me that reposition your thinking about business, making money and value-based propositions. This helps your subconscious to "rewire" itself to a better way of thinking.


This is the step where I challenge you reclaim your mindset so you're always ready to take on new challenges and win the day.


Step 1: Discovery

Purchase Now — $27.99

Step 2: Mindfulness

Purchase Now — $27.99

Step 3: Reclamation

Purchase Now — $27.99

Mindset Journals

Journal | Notebook | Planner


Use this sturdy hard cover journal to record all your instantaneous thoughts. Make notes to discover what triggers your immediate thinking about yourself and the things that surround you.


We're not all artists but there is an art to life inside of us. Sketch out your thoughts, how you feel and even what you want to happen over the next 6 months... sketch your plan even before you know it.


Get access to the Kohset Planner which mind maps your entire process, your business and how you'll soar to 6-figures in 6 months.

I help you help yourself...



Focused sessions which make you the center of attention. It's all about you and I'm here to make you feel as comfortable as possible...


Phone Call

Afraid to meet in person due to Covid-19? Schedule a 1-on-1 call with me and I'll take you through the paces of a good mindset...

One-on-One/ Groups

Virtual Group

Join in with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are as hungry as you are to tap into 6-figures every year...

Let me share in your story so I can show you how to truly mind reset...

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Where do you stand in the crossroads of your own business?

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